Gadgets that make the Outdoors a Treat



Spending time outside is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s a chance to drink in some fresh air, sneak in a little exercise, or take a leisurely stroll with family and friends. But, no matter how much one enjoys the simplicity of the outdoors, there is always a gadget to add the 21st century to the great outdoors.




1) LifeStraw Personal Water Filter.c700x420

This particular “gadget” is less technology centered, and more geared towards those who are looking to head out on some back country adventures and don’t have the room to carry extra water with them. In essence, this “straw” provides the adventurer with the ability to directly from puddles or streams without any of the risks normally associated with doing so.




2) Swedish Army Firesteel.Light-My-Fire-Swedish-FireSteel-2.0-Army-12000-Strike-Fire-Starter

As always, a Swiss Army Gadget is coming to the rescue. For those looking to equip their backcountry backpack with any essentials that may prove to be useful, this one would be top of the list. Essentially, the Firesteel is there to ensure one can light a fire without the aid of matches or lighters.




3) Global Sun

Now this invention is one that can be used whether up in the mountains, deep in the woods, or settling in with the RV. What does it do? Exactly what the name states. This gizmo can 400 degrees Fahrenheit simply by using the sun to power it. It weighs around 20 pounds and is perfect for the next outdoor adventure.




4) Power Plus Barracuda LED Solar Wind-Up Torch.powerplus-barracuda-led-solar-wind-up-torch-[2]-3993-p

This is something no adventurer should ever go without. Even if it’s simply used to light the way from the tent or RV to the washroom at night, this Wind-Up Torch is perfect for those looking to save on battery costs, but always be sure their light has enough power. One minute hand cranking guarantees the user an hour of light with all THREE LED’s OR 80 minutes with just one. It also will provide 110 minutes of flashing, not to mention its also rain and windproof up to 45 feet. Additionally, the price of just under $20 makes this an easy add to any outdoor survival kit.




5) BioLite Camp Stove.5031449-NOC02

Now this particular stove does not simply cook food, it also doubles as a charger by generating power from burning biomass. Though one would have to burn fuel in the stove for many hours in order to fully charge a smartphone, it would offer enough of a charge for one to make a call, or check on a map application in times of need.