What comes with the GoPro HERO 4?


If you are a GoPro fan then you have definitely heard of the GoPro Hero 4 Black and Silver. These camera options have swept the market, offering ultra high-resolution, improved design options and wider functions and features.

However if you are looking to buy a GoPro Hero 4 then you already know all of the specifications. What you are now looking for is information regarding the equipment and accessories that you will get when you purchase either camera. That is the information which we will explore below in greater detail.


So sit back, relax and enjoy this informative article.

GoPro HERO 4 Unboxing

  1. The Camera

Both the cuboid GoPro Hero 4 Black and Silver measure 41 mm by 59 mm by 21/30 mm in dimension, making them compact and portable. However they differ in weight, with the Hero 4 Black weighing in at 88g (152g with housing) and the Hero 4 Silver weighing in at 83g (147g with housing).

  1. The battery for the camera15659115673_7ae99a5585_o

The 1160mAh battery found in both the GoPro Black and Silver is similar to the battery design found in the GoPro predecessors. However these DSLR-like batteries are much thinner, and therefore cannot be interchanged with previous GoPro batteries.

  1. A mini-USB cable

This standard cable has multiple functions, such as charging the unit and downloading photos. You should know that this USB cable is compatible with all USB outlets.

  1. An underwater case for up to 40m/131ft

The durable waterproof casing which comes with both cameras can work well up to depths of 40m/131ft. This housing works perfectly in extreme conditions.

  1. An alternate door for the casegopro-hero4-black-04

The cameras come with a skeleton backdoor which has open sides so that ports can be accessed. This alternate door also improves the audio of each camera, as sound is not muffled as seen when the camera is encompassed by a fully sealed waterproof housing. In addition, the Hero 4 Silver has a touch backdoor, which is exceptionally touch screen friendly.

The Hero 4 Black therefore has 2 doors while the Hero 4 Silver has 3 because of the touch screen.

  1. A compact quick-start guide

The quick start guide gives helpful instructions on using the GoPro. There are also additional paper items included with the cameras, such as GoPro stickers.

  1. A flat adhesive mount

Both the Black and Silver GoPro cameras come with a pancake flat adhesive mount.

  1. A curved adhesive mount

Both the Black and Silver GoPro cameras come with a slightly curved adhesive mount, which is similar in shape to a helmet.

  1. A loss prevention rubber stopper
  1. Adapter arm for the mounting system

This arm aids in changing the direction of the camera.

  1. Flat black base plate

This item comes with the Hero 4 Black, and can be used as a tripod stand at a later date. Sadly many people do not know this, and often throw the base plate away.

As you can see from what we have covered above, there are several items included in the purchase of the GoPro Hero 4 Black and Silver. Now that you armed with this information, go ahead and make your purchase. The $400 or $500 you will spend is definitely worth it.