GoPro HERO 4 ProTune


If you are interested in purchasing a GoPro Hero 4 camera (both Black and Silver), then need to know about ProTune. The problem is that many people do not know what ProTune is, what its function is, and what its benefits are. That is why we are going to look at Protune in greater depth, as we try and clear up this subject.

What is GoPro Hero 4 ProTune?maxresdefault-4

ProTune is simply a setting found on GoPro Hero 4 cameras, which allows users of the camera to capture higher quality footage with less compression. Basically, ProTune works towards getting you more dynamic images and video from your GoPro Hero 4, then what you are currently getting.


The purpose of using ProTune is to enhance your post-production workflow, by offering flexibility as you go through with your initial shooting so that editing is made easier later on.

What else do you need to know about ProTune?

When you enable ProTune on your GoPro Hero 4 camera, you put in place a high bitrate (up to 60 Mb/s) for all of your video modes. This is nearly similar to how professional photographers shoot with RAW photos, so that tweaking the photos is made much easier in the editing room.

Apart from the ability to shoot quality footage with less compression, ProTune allows for adjustable video settings. These include ISO limit, color tuning, white balance, exposure compensation and sharpening. This means that you have greater control over all your work. The whole idea of ProTune is that you are shooting with almost a black canvas, onto which settings can be tailored to give you an amazing end product- editing can be done through GoPro studio.

E.g. You can select a flat and neutral profile for shooting video and stills, after which you can use exposure value compensation and ISO to adjust brightness and image noise. There are also other color correction tools which you can employ to guarantee that your final product is brilliant.

It is therefore small wonder that ProTune is such a staple in Hollywood films.

Should you use ProTune?protune-vs-auto2

ProTune has for a long time been recommended to professionals, as the flat color style of the GoPro setting was not easy to use and understand. However, ProTune is now suggested to all GoPro users as it offers numerous video and image improvement benefits.

Luckily for you, enabling ProTune does not mean that you will need to edit your images and videos. Therefore if you enable ProTune at a basic level and leave the settings alone, you can shoot footage that will look the same without ProTune (except for the fact that it will have a higher bitrate). There is therefore no downside to enabling ProTune.

Once you learn more about the ProTune settings, you can then play around with them as you try and capture superior quality images and video. ProTune therefore appeals to amateur video makers and professional videographers.

For those who owned a GoPro Hero 3+, remember that unlike the Hero 3+ cameras that used ProTune for video footage, the Hero 4 cameras can utilize ProTune for both videos and stills.