GoPro HERO 4 Photo Modes


The GoPro Hero 4 comes with all the photo modes found in its predecessors. However it also adds an extra night capture mode to the mix, to enhance image capture in low light conditions. This mode which is found in both the Hero 4 Black and Silver works seamlessly with the other photo modes, and is an excellent addition to the lineup.

GoPro HERO 4 Photo Modes

Below we will look at each of the major GoPro Hero 4 photo modes found in greater detail, for your benefit.

  1. Single Shot Modehero4photo

This is perhaps the most primary of all the photo modes, and is a prominent feature in all point and shoot cameras. Simply direct your GoPro at the intended target, and press a button for a single photo to be captured. This is ideal when the shot is not dynamic, such as a portrait or a picture of a stationary object.

  1. Continuous Mode

This mode works by continuously taking photos for the duration that your finger is holding down the button. The maximum number of photos that can be taken at once when on continuous mode is 30; however you can change this number by adjusting your settings. This mode is perfect when capturing dynamic activities that are not occurring at a swift space (burst mode is used for quick moving activities).

  1. Burst Mode

As the name suggests, this photo mode is utilized for capturing multiple photos at one time, and can take up to 30 photos in a single second. This capture rate can also be tailored when capturing images for durations upwards of 3 seconds. So you can choose to take 10 photos per second for 3 seconds.

As mentioned above burst mode is perfect for quick dynamic motions, where you do not want to risk missing the perfect shot by taking slow single shots. You can then go back later to select the best shot out of the numerous shots you have taken.

Burst photo mode would be great when taking pictures of someone diving off a cliff or jumping off a boat.

  1. Time Lapse Mode

maxresdefault-5This photo mode allows you to automatically create an interval of photos, which can be captured at a precise time e.g. every 0.5 seconds or every 5 seconds, depending on the settings you select. This mode will continue capturing images until you instruct the camera to stop doing so.

If you collate all these images you can create a video time lapse.

  1. Night Photo Mode

This photo mode aims to clear up images captured at night. It does so by taking the picture in photo mode, and then introducing the ability to tailor the exposure setting. Therefore you can add more light into your camera, so that night photos are more crisp and clear.

  1. Night Lapse Mode

This concept is similar to the time lapse mode, but is tailored to capturing night photos. The mode works by capturing longer exposure photos, which will later be merged in time lapse fashion.

Now that you have all of this information regarding photo modes on the GoPro Hero 4, you can begin taking spectacular shots with your own unit.