GoPro Hero 4 Accessories: Must-Have Items You Just Can’t Resist


GoPro Hero 4 AccessoriesIf you love taking photographs, then you surely carry around a GoPro Hero 4 camera. This camera is actually what every person needs, professional or not. It provides professional looking photographs where you get to capture every special moment you have with your loved ones or just take quality pictures while you’re on the go or enjoying your favorite sport activity.
This type of camera also has different accessories that you can choose from. GoPro Hero 4 accessories come in different shapes and sizes that will help you create even more fantastic-looking photos. Here are some of the accessgopro-accessories-black-chest-belt-remote-wrist-belt-head-strap-helmet-strap-bag-handheld-monopod-mountories that you will need for your GoPro Hero 4 camera:

  • Extra batteries: Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your batteries turned zero while you’re on the verge of using it, which is why having more than one extra battery is important so you can use your battery much longer. The GoPro Hero 4 battery actually just lasts for over an hour and if you’ll be using it for a longer period, then it’s truly much better to bring a few and enjoy the activities that you do without any problems.


  • Suction Cup Mount: This accessory is important if you own any type of vehicle so you can catch up some epic footages and angles while you’re on the go. You just have to attach the suction cup to any glass surface of the vehicle or to any body panels. However, it is recommended that you use a tether since it prevents the suction cup from falling off completely if it loses its suction on the surface. The tether also has a non-permanent mounting solution that makes it possible for you to quickly change the angles as often as you want


  • Adhesive Mounts: Upon purchasing a GoPro Hero 4, it already comes with 1 curved and 1 flat adhesive mounts. If you are the type of person who has many activities to do all the time, then it’s recommended to purchase several pieces of them. It is also necessary to purchase more adhesive mounts since every adhesive only goes for a one-time use only, and for sure, you’ll need them not just in one place, right?


  • Chesty: If you want to make extremely cool angles, then you’ll need a chesty to give you that ultimate “point-of-view”. This accessory works well in many types of activities such as skateboarding, mountain biking, sailing, fishing, water skiing, snowboarding, and many more. You will truly see everything in front of you while using this and that includes your arms and legs. Isn’t that cool enough for you? In addition, it’s much better if you turn your GoPro upside down while using the chesty to improve the stability of your camera. Just make sure that the straps are tightly attached so your camera won’t move or shift too much.full_bobber


  • Memory Card: Having a micro SD memory card for your GoPro camera is important so you can record footage without any issues. You do know that this type of camera captures high-resolution images and with that, you’ll also need something that can handle this type of data. You should not forget to look for the data transfer speed and its class when you go looking for a memory card for your GoPro. Make sure that you purchase a class 10 memory card with 45 Mbps data speed so it’s capable of recording a 0.5 second time lapse mode, Pro-tune modes, some photo burst modes, and also the capability to record 2.7K and 4K.


  • Extra Lens: There will be times that you’ll accidentally break the lens of your camera or have them cracked, no matter how careful you are with it. It’s important that you always bring with you a replacement lens no matter where you are just in case these instances happen. You can also opt to have a replacement lens kit from the company, which costs below $ 20 only so you can have more extra lenses on hand.The GoPro Hero 4 is a versatile camera, which is fit for everybody who has the passion to preserve and capture his or her surroundings.


With all the GoPro Hero 4 accessories that you can buy, filming your treasured memories is not that hard at after all. Every accessory of the camera has its purpose and if you wanted to take great pictures or film every special moment in your life, then you won’t regret buying all the GoPro Hero 4 accessories in the market, that’s for sure.